Fourth of July in D.C.

Hello friends! I have been eagerly waiting to share all of the fun things we’ve done this week. When we moved to D.C. we knew that we wanted to stay in the area for the Fourth of July. We’ve typically gone out of town with family around this time, but we figured it would be fun to spend the holiday in the nation’s Capitol. We kicked off the week by strolling around the monuments on Sunday evening. Even though it was (super) crowded it was nice to get out and enjoy the monuments down the road. I’m still amazes me that these iconic places are so close to us. I love walking the Arlington Memorial Bridge that stretches from the Lincoln Memorial to Arlington. It’s a beautiful walk during sunset!


On Monday we went to Gadsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria. We recently went on a ghost tour and they took us past Gadsby’s Tavern Museum and Restaurant. We heard that George Washington and a few other Founding Fathers ate at the tavern. We figured it would be fun to try it out to continue our holiday celebrations. First things first, oh my goodness the cobbler was delicious!! I mean look at that. They had good food but we loved the atmosphere at the restaurant the most. The tavern is decorated in the colonial style and it feels like you’ve stepped back in time. We plan on taking family there when they come to visit!

We celebrated on the Fourth by attending the fireworks show on the National Mall. We took the metro and got to the mall about fifteen minutes before the show started. I was worried that it was going to be too busy to find seats at that point, but we actually got a spot right in between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument by the Reflecting Pool. I have never seen a fireworks show quite like it! If you ever get the chance to see the fireworks on the National Mall, go! You have to do it at least once 🙂

(Excuse the blurry photo quality 😉 )

           Another great thing about Fourth of July week in D.C. is that Alexandria celebrates it’s birthday just a few days after the Fourth with another fireworks show. This show is a lot of fun too; the fireworks are complete with an accompanying orchestra and cannon salute! Just as a warning, parking is CRAZY. Justin and I circled for almost two hours trying to find parking anywhere near Old Town. Just as we were about to give up, we passed a motel with an empty parking lot just a block from the show. Justin pulled over to ask the manager if we could pay to park in the parking lot as a last ditch effort and it paid off! Five dollars later and fifteen minutes until the show started, we were on our way down to the water front to watch the show. Thank goodness for the nice manager at that motel but now we know: show up around dinner time or bike down to Old Town because parking is impossible past 7:30 for the 9:00 fireworks.

To wrap up our Fourth of July festivities, we visited Mount Vernon yesterday. Justin is such a trooper, I’ve been begging him to go with me for weeks. I love learning about history, so Justin has already had his fair share of being dragged around to different historical museums and locations. (I think he’s starting to like it 😉 ) Mount Vernon is hands-down one of my favorite places to go in D.C. If you are planning a trip to D.C., put a trip to Mount Vernon on your list because it is amazing! Mount Vernon is George Washington’s house which is nestled just off of the Potomac River. Washington is known for caring deeply about his estate. When he was leading the Continental Army in Battle, he was still writing to his cousin about his plans for the estate and where the fireplace should be built in his beautiful neoclassical home. We love just walking around the grounds at Mount Vernon. It’s so peaceful and quiet and the gardens are stunning! Not to mention, the drive out to Mount Vernon (or bike trail) is picturesque too.

Do you have any tips for Fourth of July festivities in D.C.?


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